The Footlight District / Oregon Space Trail of Doom / Roof Dogs / The Kozmick Kicks

Ages 17 and up
Friday, July 22
Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm

Cobra Lounge presents…

The Footlight District
Oregon Space Trail of Doom
Roof Dogs
The Kozmick Kicks

Cobra Lounge
235 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL. 60607

$12 ADV / $15 DOS


Friday, July 22nd
7PM Doors / 8:00PM Show

Hailing from Chicago, the five Scarbrough siblings who make up The Footlight District are talented, hard working, extremely dedicated individuals who have put in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears into their passion: music. The music that pours from The Footlight District is a melting pot of their life. They grew up in the deep Mississippi south with influences of classic rock, blues, soul and gospel. Combined with their love of straight up old school vintage rock and roll, they don't over complicate their music. It’s stripped down and played from their soul. Anchored by raw soulful bluesy instrumentals, strong vocals and peppered with tight sibling harmonies, their music is soulful, gritty, and passionate. As very young siblings, they were self-starters. Having no knowledge of the music industry at the time, they dived into booking shows, writing contracts and managing themselves. They quickly learned how to promote and negotiate. Their first music project was a kiddie rock group that they successfully booked on the road up to nine months out of the year. Formerly known as Seventeen Sisters, The Footlight District was born out of a desire to make an impact with their music. Having grown and evolved over the years, they now aim to write songs that enable them to share their life experiences of struggle and triumph. There is a depth to their music that is far beyond their years. The Footlight District's sound is full of emotion and energy. It's who they are. They never concern themselves with stereotypes of what a band should be or sound like, they just do. Being genuine is what shines. The siblings moved up north from Mississippi. After losing their home to Hurricane Katrina, they were homeless for over a year and a half. This experience gave them a deep appreciation for what's important in their lives; their faith, their music and their relationships with other people. For the Scarbrough siblings, music isn’t just a career. It is about making lasting relationships with those they share their music with. Music has always been a magical experience. Strangers come from all walks of life, backgrounds and beliefs to share a moment in time. They become united as friends in something they love and hold precious. After going through a soul searching metamorphosis, The Footlight District stripped their music down to the raw bones, going straight back to their roots and delving deep into their souls. Initially released under the name Seventeen Sisters, The Footlight District released an album “Simplex Vita” in January of 2017. It is a 10-track full-length album produced and mixed by the siblings, along with their engineer and co-producer Jim Hewitt. They wanted to create an old school, raw album that wasn't overly processed. The goal was to keep that raw, gritty, soulful quality that you so often hear in vintage recordings. Recording each song together live in one to two takes to preserve the energy and momentum behind each song when it’s played live. Each song was written by the siblings as a whole. Their goal was to create music that makes you feel. The Footlight District captures the rawness of emotions blended with passion, and releases the energy that unites and connects us as humans. The Footlight District is as genuine as it gets. Every note and every word is straight from the heart.
Oregon Space Trail Of Doom came to fruition in the fall of 2017 with it's origins in Cleveland, Ohio. Initially formed as a power trio, OSTOD would soon grow to feature three guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer. Now with a broader scope of musical possibilities, OSTOD is able to achieve a mixture of catchy vocal melodies and unique guitar harmony. OSTOD is currently in the process of recording their debut EP.