Cobra Lounge abides all municipal guidelines set forth by the city of Chicago for public health initiatives to deter the spread of Covid-19. Cobra Lounge does not require staff, fans, and performers to provide proof of vaccination or negative covid test for entry. We do encourage vaccinations and mask wearing for everyone, but are by no means required.

How do I purchase tickets to shows at Cobra Lounge?

  • Advance tickets can be purchased through our our website here www.cobralounge.com/events as well as on our official ticketing partner, Dice.fm. Any remaining tickets come day of show will be available for purchase at the door with cash (ATM on site).

What is your refund policy?:

All Sales are final. In the event a show is canceled or postponed, fans will be notified of their refund window.

I can’t go to the show anymore or my friend(s) bailed on me! What do I do?:

  • You may transfer any number of tickets in your order to another fan via secure transfer in your Dice.fm account, the only thing you need is a phone number and for the person you are transfering to to have a valid Dice.fm account. In the event the show is sold out, you may simply return your ticket(s) to the waitlist so another fan may purchase them at face value, in which case you will be granted the cost of the ticket back to your method of purchase.

I bought a ticket – what do I do come day of show?:

  • Presenting your ticket for entry is seamlessly easy and simple, the days of printing paper tickets on your parent’s shitty old HP printer are over! Simply download the official Dice.fm app before arriving at the show and log into your account. Open the show in the app, tap “Activate QR Codes”, and present your ticket to our staff. You may only activate your QR Codes within 2 hours of doors opening, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. Having phone trouble? No worries – we carry a digital will call list for all patrons and are happy to look you up manually, but trust us – scanning the code on your phone is *much* faster/simpler/easier.

I found tickets to one of your shows by someone other than Cobra Lounge or Dice.fm. What gives?:

  • They’re probably brutally overpriced and almost certainly counterfeit/fake. Dice.fm tickets are powered by a rotating barcode that is not able to be duplicated off-platform, even by screenshotting with your phone. *The only tickets* valid at Cobra Lounge are sold via Dice.fm, everything else is bunk. Buyer beware.

I have a ticketing issue that I need help with:

  • Dice.fm has excellent customer support, you can reach them here

Do you offer group sales/discounts?:

  • We are happy to accommodate large group sales. Please email us at booking@cobralounge.com for more information.

Does Cobra Lounge have seats?:

  • Unless otherwise noted, Cobra Lounge is General Admission Standing Room Only for all shows. We have a variety of seating options in our bar, resturant, taproom, and patio area for you to enjoy just outside of the venue.

I have a mobility impairment and unable to stand for long periods of time. Can you help?:

  • Absolutely – our shows are for everyone and Cobra Lounge is fully ADA compliant. Our facility is completely wheelchair accessible and we are more than happy to make accommodations for you so you can enjoy the show with us. You are encouraged to reach us in advance of your show and let us know your needs, to which we can record and prepare for your arrival. Otherwise you are more than welcome to simply let our staff know upon arrival and we’ll get you sorted out.

All booking inquiries can be sent to booking@cobralounge.com for our team to review. You are also welcome and encouraged to fill out our booking submission form here. All submissions are continuously reviewed, please bear in mind that we are not able to respond to every submission we get. You are welcome to follow up on your request/submission with new information as it comes up. We appreciate your patience.


All products are non-refundable. If you would like to exchange your item for an alternative size, please contact ? in order to coordinate.


Items are shipped once weekly via USPS Priority Shipping. If you would like to receive a tracking number, please email ?.


We do not accept item returns, but we are happy to exchange your item for an alternative size. We cannot swap items during the exchange process. Please contact ? to begin the exchange process.


Order cancellation requests must be submitted within 24 hours of order placement. Cancellation will not be possible after this window has elapsed.

Where is Cobra Lounge located?:

  • Cobra Lounge is located at the corner of Fulton and Ashland in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. Our address is 235 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL 60607

How can I get there?:

  • CTA: We are a half block North of the Ashland Green/Pink Line stop. The #9 and #X9 Ashland buses stop at both Ashland and Lake and Ashland and Carroll, we are equidistant (circa 1 block) from each bus stop. We love the CTA, check out their website here for more information. Coming from outside the city? Check out Metra.
  • Bicycle: The city has installed bicycle parking along Ashland in front of the club. No better way to get around Chicago than by Bike!
  • Rideshare: Sign up for Uber or Lyft and punch in our address, that easy!
  • Car: Street parking is available along Fulton in front of the Club on both sides of the street. This parking is not metered and free 24/7. Please be kind to our neighbors and only park in front of the club, or leave your car at home and use one of the options above!

How old do I have to be to attend shows at Cobra Lounge?:

  • Music is for everyone – We proudly do as many shows as we can as All Ages. In the event that they are not, they are almost always 17+. For any performances where someone does not meet the age restriction, they are still more than welcome to attend the show so long as they are accompanied/chaperoned by a parent or legal guardian.


My child wants to attend a show at Cobra Lounge – Should I let them?:

  • Only if you want to be a COOL PARENT. Our staff is full of live music fans who went to shows growing up the same as your kids are doing now. Some of them are younger brothers, older sisters, and even parents themselves, and as a company that has strong family values, we look out for our fans in the same way. You are highly encouraged to attend a show with your child with us and see how we operate so you can get a first-hand experience of the care and consideration we give to fans who come out to enjoy shows with us. We’re 100% confident you’ll leave knowing this is a safe place for your kids to be.


Do I need ID to enter the venue for a show even if it is All Ages?:

  • Valid, state issued photo ID’s are required if you plan on drinking alcohol as is compliance with Illinois state laws. This policy is both for the young, and the young-at-heart. Anyone who does not present a valid state issued photo ID to our staff upon entry will be treated as under 21 and not permitted to purchase, hold, or drink alcohol. Violation of this poilcy is subject to immediate ejection from the premises.


Do you have coat check or bag check?:

  • We don’t, but there are plenty of places inside the club to stash your belongings within eyesite. Please bear in mind that Cobra Lounge is not responsible for your personal belongings under any circumstances.


What am I not allowed to bring inside?

  • Weapons (knives, guns, chains, pepper spray or any item that can be construed as a weapon)
  • Illegal substances/drugs of any kind (an exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection upon entry)
  • Fireworks or any other incendiary device
  • Outside food or beverage. (Some exceptions apply in special cases such as medical accommodation.)
  • Video or audio recording devices (the permitted use of professional video equipment/cameras varies by event and is at the discretion of the venue)
  • No large umbrellas. Small, hand-size umbrellas allowed in severe weather.
  • Sticks, poles, selfie sticks, or Go Pro sticks.
  • Oversized signs (larger than 2’ x 3’) or signs on sticks are prohibited. All signs are subject to venue approval and must not obstruct the view of other guests
  • Animals are not allowed in Cobra Lounge with the exception of Certified Service Animals.
  • For your safety and the safety of others, ALL patrons are subject to search as a condition of admission to an event. Venue management reserves the right to make the final determination on prohibited items. Cobra Lounge is NOT responsible for items left behind, lost, stolen, or damaged. Possession of prohibited items will be grounds for ejection from the venue.
  • Also note: Smoking or vaping of any kind is prohibited in Cobra Lounge and will result in ejection without refund. You may enter the venue with cigarettes or vapes on your person but use of said items within the venue will result in confiscation and immediate ejection. Re-entry is allowed, so please just step outside to smoke and we’ll let you right back in.


Do you allow re-entry?:

  • Absolutely – upon presenting your ticket, you will be issued a credential/wristband for the show and will be free to move about the premises and go outside as per your preference.

Are you hiring?:

  • Maybe? None of US even know how we got jobs here. Send us your resume and we’ll check it out.


Do you offer internships?:

  • Unpaid internships give us the “ick”, but if you have questions about how the “industry” works and are interested in gaining experience let us know. Information is power and knowledge is free.


Do you have a Street Team?

  • No – not yet!

I lost a personal item at Cobra Lounge, can you help?:

Definitely possible we found it, let staff know on site or follow up with the contact info on our website and we’ll see!

Do you host special events or weddings at Cobra Lounge?:

My dudes, we throw *killer* parties and we have scores of happily married (and maybe a few divorced) folks that have tied the knot with us. We clean up real nice and our staff are *experts* at private events. Hit us up at booking@cobralounge.com and we can work it out.

How do I request a Media/Photo Pass?:

All media/photo requests must go through and be approved by artist management. Cobra Lounge does not have the prerogative or authority to provide that information in response to any inquiries.

Still have questions?:

What we know is a drop. What we don’t know is an ocean. DM/Call/Email/Talk to us in person. We’ll do the best we can to answer.

Do you allow dogs?


What is your bag/backpack/purse policy?:

For the same reason the CTA doesn’t want you wearing a backpack on a crowded train, we do not permit bags inside the venue in order to prioritize fan comfort at shows.

Is there an ATM on site?:

Yup, right at the entrance. Cash is king, baby!